Stories in images.


Not the presumption of imposing the vision of shots deemed perfect.

Not a series of pristine shots separately.

But perfectly thought out and well-shot photographs to tell visual paths: the eye stages of many adventurous processions that these black and white figures are able to convey.

In opposition to the pushed technology of the easy “mobile phone” photo – where the algorithm invades the field of skills and violates the truth by overflowing into dangerous alterations, up to augmented reality and therefore to lies – here we return (or remain) to pleasure of the right sense (also aesthetic) and above all to narrative semantics.

Opposition to the point of courage to ban “color”, that overly abused and spoiled color that does not always do justice to all images, because it might prefer some of them discarding others in the name of a ruthless chromatic eugenics.

So “black & white”, because it is more democratic and right when it treats each shot in the same way, without automatically dignifying some of it, and because for us the frame comes first of all, and an architectural harmony emanates from the picture: images of spaces that recall life, the life of people who animate other spaces, architectures that speak of men, and men that speak of themselves and their worlds: worlds of houses, buildings, environments, roads, mountains, seas, nature,…

Against an easy aesthetic hedonism, built and rebuilt on the rubble of a more noble and healthy ancient aesthetic, we have tried to re-propose a good story. 

Fair stories, with good figures, because the pleasure is not only in the icy and simple aseptic perfection, but in the emotion evoked by serious images which then, in their juxtaposition, cleared by the individual meaning, offer us much more and also the permission to transfer a story and its memory.



Accompanying words.

Voices of personalities and poets from everywhere in their native language. 

And our voice, between the Italian and the English idiom.  

Copyright © 2020 Gianpaolo ROSEGHINI